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Release the doubt of having to decorate for yourself & Step Out to let us help you !

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Introducing "Release the Doubt & Step Out" by Need Some Koi!

At "Release the Doubt & Step Out", we believe in the transformative power of art and decor to inspire confidence, encourage self-expression, and foster positive change. Founded by Shakkoi, a multi-talented artist and advocate, our business is more than just about decorating spaces - it's about creating environments that empower individuals to embrace their true selves and step boldly into their own potential.

Drawing from Shakkoi's diverse background in sociology, media, and African studies, as well as her passion for poetry and performance art, "Release the Doubt & Step Out" offers a unique blend of creativity, culture, and community engagement. Our decor services go beyond mere aesthetics; they are a reflection of our commitment to promoting positive mental health practices, advocating for anti-hate initiatives, and creating safe spaces that foster inclusivity and belonging.

Whether it's through our carefully curated decor collections, immersive art installations, or transformative workshops and events, we aim to inspire individuals to release their doubts and step out with confidence. From vibrant colors and bold patterns to thought-provoking messages and symbolic motifs, our designs are infused with Shakkoi's raw and powerful presence, serving as a reminder to embrace authenticity and embrace life to the fullest.

At "Release the Doubt & Step Out", we believe that everyone deserves to surround themselves with beauty, inspiration, and positivity.


So why wait? Let us help you transform your space into a sanctuary of self-expression and empowerment. Because with "Release the Doubt & Step Out" by Need Some Koi, there's no doubt that everyone needs a little more Koi in their lives!

Let's start creating your custom decor !

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