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Pain is not always a bad thing. If we didn’t feel pain, we would not see the beauty of overcoming it. Light shines best in the darkness. This does not mean either is better than the other. It means they need each other to exist.


In this highly anticipated poetry book, Shakkoi uses the pain of grief, anxiety, and anger to poetically narrate tragedy to triumph. This book also includes prompts and questions to help readers going through pain to see their power.


This poetry book consists of over 100 poems & prompts combined. With over 60 poems and over 40 writing prompts, this is not just a poetry book but a poetic experience.
The book starts with poems written during times of feeling pain, then follows with short pieces of poems, poems that reflect overcoming and ends with writing prompts. From youth to senior levels, there is something for all in this book.

Poems of Pain & Power Poetry Book

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